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My life completely changed after Sabrina helped us sleep train our 9 month old daughter. She provided extremely valuable basic education and adapted to each parents’ style. We personally wanted to sleep train without having our baby cry, and Sabrina said it was possible! She was also continuously available for all my questions, and there for us every step of the way! Each and every restful night and every day that she was on a wonderful nap schedule, was worth every penny!

R Gastfreund

Sabrina is wonderful. She's a great listener and is very responsive. My husband and I were convinced our son was hopeless. Sabrina set us up for success and he sleeps 12 hours per night. It's a miracle! She's continued to be there for us as our son has grown and his sleep needs have changed. I can't say enough wonderful things about Baby Sleep Train!!

Laura Shinkan

Calling up Sabrina at Baby Sleep Train was one of the best decisions I have ever made! We needed help with 2 kids who slept next door to each other which I thought would be impossible. She helped us get both kids to sleep through the night and now they both have set nap schedules and are finally getting the amount of sleep that they so desperately needed! The quality of our days has drastically improved now that everybody is well-rested. Sabrina was constantly in touch with us to help with any questions or issues that cropped up, and she gave us information for the future as our children's' sleep needs change. I highly recommend Baby Sleep Train!

Miriam M.

Sabrina, thank you for helping me figure out my kids sleeping needs. My 3-year-old really needed his naps again. After returning naps to his schedule his mood was so much better. Your encouragement to keep my daughter on a schedule with earlier naps helped to stop her waking up as much throughout the night. There is so much more you have taught me about kids’ sleep that has helped me. Lastly I would like to thank you for your advice of having a cup of water for my kids in the crib or by the bedside. There are numerous times I find the water almost gone in the morning.

Rachel Schloss

I feel the best I have in 10 months! Thanks to Sabrina, for the first time in 10 months, I am now getting a restful nights sleep. She individualized a plan to fit our needs and we saw progress within the first week. Thank you Sabrina for helping our family sleep again!

Sarah H.