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I strongly believe that each child is unique and cannot be forced into a specific cookie-cutter sleep method or schedule. Therefore, all sleep plans and schedules for any age are completely tailor-made for you and your child’s needs, philosophy, comfort level, and health. I work with many different sleep methods. All plans are created based on a questionnaire that you will receive upon contacting Baby Sleep Train™, which gives me insight into your child’s environment, family dynamics, health, diet, temperament, and more. Below are all of the different packages I offer. Please contact me for more information.

FREE 15-minute phone consultation before any of the following packages:

For expectant parents or parents of a newborn under 4-months old who want to be proactive in implementing healthy sleep habits. This includes:

  • Comprehensive preliminary assessment of your baby’s current sleep habits and parents’ parenting philosophy
  • Private one-hour consultation in person or over the phone
  • Sleep Environment assessment and baby product suggestions
  • Detailed, customized sleep plan including tips for soothing and feeding
  • 3 follow-up calls or 4 emails (up to 20 minutes) within 30 days of consultation
$295 (Twins $395)*

Infant & Toddler

For parents of children ages 4 months to 6 years dealing with any sleep issues including but not limited to night-waking, skipping naps, climbing out of the crib, inability to self-soothe. This includes:

  • Comprehensive preliminary assessment of your child’s current sleep habits, environment, health, family dynamics, diet, and more
  • Private one-and-a-half to two hour in-person or phone consultation
  • Detailed and personalized sleep plan and schedule
  • Sleep science crash course
  • 3 weeks of follow-up support
  • Cheat sheet with information to help you as your child’s sleep needs change such as how to know when your child is ready to skip naps, daylight savings, traveling, etc.
$395 (Twins $495, 2 children of different ages $545)*

Advice Call

Support call when you experience any obstacles with your child’s sleep at any age. This is for new clients or existing clients after follow-up support has expired. $80/hr

Refresher Course

This is for past clients only for the same child. This includes a 1-hour recap of your child’s sleep habits, an education on your child’s current development, and will address any new challenges that come along such as sleep regressions, transitioning to a bed, and more. $280*


Monthly or Annual membership to Baby Sleep Train for ongoing access and support for your family’s sleep needs. This includes up to 2hours of phone support or 4 emails a month. $1500/year or $125/month

Sleep Lectures and Workshops

Contact Baby Sleep Train for more information to set up a workshop with friends, neighbors, or your child’s school.

Sleep Consultant Mentor

Support and mentoring for new Sleep Consultants or for those becoming a Sleep Consultant.
$100/hr * 24-hour cancellation fee of $75

Is your child gettting enough sleep?

Ages Naps ( hours) Night Time Sleep (hours) Total Sleep(hours)
Newborn - 2 months 7-9(3-5 naps) 8-9 16-18
2-4 months 4-5(3 naps) 9-10 14-16
4-6 months 4-5(2-3 naps) 10 14-15
6-9 months 3-4(2naps) 10-11 14
9-12 months 2-3(2 naps) 10-12 14
12-18 months 2-3(1-2 naps) 11-12 13-14
18 months-2 years 2(1 naps) 11 13-14
2-3 years 1-2(1 naps) 10-11 12-14
3-5 years 0-1(naps usually stop by age 5) (10-11)10-13 11-13