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Absolutely not! Crying it out definitely works (and works fast) but if it does not feel comfortable to you, your baby vomits from crying, or you can’t emotionally handle it, there are many other methods.
It’s normal for babies to still need a night feeding until 6 or 8months old. However, every child is growing differently! Ask your doctor if your baby still needs to eat based on his/her growth charts.  Also, premature babies and breast-fed babies need to eat more often than full-term and formula fed babies.
4-6 months is the best age to start sleep training. Before 4 months there is plenty you can do to start your baby off on the right track and make the training process much smoother once your baby is old enough for it.
It’s never too late! It can take longer to train a toddler than an infant, but it can absolutely happen!
I do not offer overnight services because I want YOU to learn how to teach your baby to sleep all on your own. I am available to offer support in helping you get through the process and to answer any questions or concerns you may have
I am certified as a Sleep Consultant through the International Maternity Institute and I am a mother who has gone through the process myself!
All payments are non-refundable and are due before or on the day of service.
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