Support and mentoring for new Sleep Consultants or for those becoming a Sleep Consultant.

$100/hr * 24-hour cancellation fee of $75

Contact Baby Sleep Train for more information to set up a workshop with friends, neighbors, or your child’s school.

Monthly or Annual membership to Baby Sleep Train for ongoing access and support for your family’s sleep needs. This includes up to 2hours of phone support or 4 emails a month.

$1500/year or $125/month

This is for past clients only for the same child. This includes a 1-hour recap of your child’s sleep habits, an education on your child’s current development, and will address any new challenges that come along such as sleep regressions, transitioning to a bed, and more.


Support call when you experience any obstacles with your child’s sleep at any age. This is for new clients or existing clients after follow-up support has expired.


For parents of children ages 4 months to 6 years dealing with any sleep issues including but not limited to night-waking, skipping naps, climbing out of the crib, inability to self-soothe.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive preliminary assessment of your child’s current sleep habits, environment, health, family dynamics, diet, and more
  • Private one-and-a-half to two hour in-person or phone consultation
  • Detailed and personalized sleep plan and schedule
  • Sleep science crash course
  • 3 weeks of follow-up support
  • Cheat sheet with information to help you as your child’s sleep needs change such as how to know when your child is ready to skip naps, daylight savings, traveling, etc.

$395 (Twins $495, 2 children of different ages $545)*

For expectant parents or parents of a newborn under 4-months old who want to be proactive in implementing healthy sleep habits.

This includes:

  • Comprehensive preliminary assessment of your baby’s current sleep habits and parents’ parenting philosophy
  • Private one-hour consultation in person or over the phone
  • Sleep Environment assessment and baby product suggestions
  • Detailed, customized sleep plan including tips for soothing and feeding
  • 3 follow-up calls or 4 emails (up to 20 minutes) within 30 days of consultation

$295 (Twins $395)*